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DJ Nik Weston (Mukatsuku Records/London)

Freitag, 22. Januar 2016, ab 22h
Zum sage und schreibe sechsjährigen Geburtstag kommt ein besonderer Gast nach Soul Gallen. 
Der Londoner DJ und Label-Betreiber Nik Weston hat seit Mitte der 90er-Jahre 
mehr als 100 Platten herausgebracht und in über 30 Ländern aufgelegt. 
Da kann man sich ohne grosse Mühe vorstellen, dass er bei Soul Gallen 
eine grossartige Auswahl an Soul, Afro-Boogie und Latin-Funk aus dem Hut zaubert.

Er war so nett und hat uns ein paar Fragen beantwortet:

What's your name?
Nik Weston 

Where are you from? 

What are you doing?
Label manager at Mukatsuku Records since 2006

Who influenced you musically?
Gilles Peterson, Patrick Forge, Peter Young, Bob Jones, Huw 72, Simon Fane

What was your first record?
First funk record was "Eddie Floyd-Big Bird"

What are your favorite records at the moment? 
Estiban Lindsay- Come To Me on Mukatsuku Records

What's your best digging story?

What's your favorite format? LP, 12", 7"?     
7 inch

What are your 10 alltime 45 favorites?
El Anthony – we’ve been in love too long
Hearts of Stone – what does it take
Moorish Vanguard – sunshine of your love
Harvey Averne –word
Courtial – losing you
D.J. Rogers - bail out
Pure Pleasure - by my side
Sharon Revoal –reaching for our star
Impressions – stay close to me
Pat Thomas – I can’t wait to see your baby’s face

What's your most memorable dj gig?
had some great gigs at South London Soul Train where I’m resident… 
200 people singing along in unison is pretty special. 
Other than that had some wonderful gigs in japan.

What's the best concert you ever went to?
JB’s Town & Country club in July 1988. 
Sweet Charles, Bobby Byrd, Vicki Anderson, Carleen Anderson, Fred Wesley, 
Pee Wee Ellis, Maceo Parker, Martha High, Martha Whitney

Where & with who would your dream gig be?
The Room – Shibuya Japan
Shuya Okino, Volcov, Patrick Forge, Sadar Bahar, Hunee.

What's your favorite food & drink? 
Good quality cheese & fruits. Cup of Tea.

Any words of advice? 
Don’t eat yellow snow.

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